2021 12.9 THU

“Brilliant Corners Jazz Orchestra -Kobe-”

– 気鋭のコンポーザー4人によるオリジナル楽曲を発表するビッグバンド企画、神戸公演! –

“Brilliant Corners Jazz Orchestra -Kobe-”
premiering the compositions by Sakiko Masuda, Shota Lee, Noriaki Mori and Kyoko Sato

■Date: 2021.12.9 (thu)
■Time: 19:00~ (2 stages)
■Composers & Conductors:枡田咲子  李 祥太  森 紀明  佐藤恭子
■Players: 広瀬未来 中村葉月 猪子知暁 中田博之 (trumpet) 礒野展輝 村上和帆 細川涼介 藤井司郎 (trombone) 横山未希 柏谷淳 武井努 佐藤絵美里 岩持芳宏 (woodwinds) 東かおる (voice) 金子友宣 (guitar) 牧 知恵子 (piano) 米澤毅風 (bass) 永山洋輔 (drums)
■Ticket: 一般¥4000 / 学生¥3000
■Contact: 100BAN Hall (078-331-1728 / hall(a)100ban.jp )



Live Streamingのご案内】

We are streaming the concert for the people who cannot attend but wishing to enjoy the show.  This is a streaming with high-quality sound and will be archived and available until Dec.22 (wed, JST). 

以下のリンク先よりライブ配信チケットを購入(¥2000+応援 <任意>)の上、当該サイトより視聴下さい。
Get your ticket from the link below.  The streaming URL will be sent to your email address sometime before the show.


【注意事項 / precautions】

*Tickets are available for sale until Dec.22(wed) 11:55pm (JST)
*The archived video is available for view until Dec.22(wed) 11:59pm (JST)
*Due to the limitation of the technologies available to us, there is a possibility that the video / audio being delivered may be delayed or disturbed, and in the worst case, it may not be delivered successfully. If you cannot watch the streaming comfortably in real time, please watch the archive later. We apologize any inconveniences in such cases.