2021 11.7 SUN

【1st & 通し券完売】海野雅威 Reunion Trio 神戸公演

※11/5更新: 1st & 通し券は完売、2ndは残り5席です。ご予約は hall@100ban.jp まで(完売の際はご容赦下さい)

— Roy Hargrove Quintet 最後のピアニスト・海野雅威のReunion Trio、神戸公演開催決定! 

■Date: 2021.11.7 (sun)
■Time: 1st 18:00~/ 2nd 19:30 (17:00 open, 入替制 2 stages)
■Players: 海野雅威 Tadataka Unno (piano), 吉田豊 Yutaka Yoshida (bass), 海野俊輔 Shunsuke Umino (drums)
■Music Charge:※いずれもご予約で¥500 off
【一般】2ステージ通し¥6500 / 1ステージのみ ¥5000
【学生】2ステージ通し¥5000 / 1ステージのみ ¥4000<各ステージ10席限定>
■Reservation: 100BANホール(078-331-1728, hall@100ban.jp)までご連絡下さい。*週末はEメールでご連絡下さい。


【高音質Live Streamingのご案内】

We are streaming the concert for the people who cannot attend but wishing to enjoy the show.  This is a streaming with high-quality sound and will be archived and available until Nov.14th (sun, JST). 

Get your ticket from the link below.  The streaming URL will be sent to your email address sometime before the show.

⇒ https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/01mnp11ut7z11.html

【注意事項 / precautions】


*Live streaming tickets are available till 5:00 pm (JST) on the day of the concert.
*The show will be archived and available until Nov.14th (sun, JST).
*Due to the limitation of the technologies available to us, there is a possibility that the video / audio being delivered may be delayed or disturbed, and in the worst case, it may not be delivered successfully. If you cannot watch the streaming comfortably in real time, please watch the archive later. We apologize any inconveniences in such cases.