2022 1.22 SAT

溝口恵美子&光田じん クインテット

—  関西ジャズシーンの実力者が集う注目のライブ!

■Date: 2022.1.22 (sat)
■Time: 13:30~ (13:00 open, 2 stages)
■Players: 溝口恵美子(vocal), 光田じん(drums), 河村英樹(tenor sax), たなかかつこ (piano), 三原脩(bass)
■Music Charge: 一般¥3000・学生¥2000
■Reservation: 100BANホール(078-331-1728, hall@100ban.jp)までご連絡下さい。



【高音質Live Streamingのご案内】

We are streaming the concert for the people who cannot attend but wishing to enjoy the show.  This is a streaming with high-quality sound and will be archived and available until Jan. 30th (sun, JST). 

以下のリンク先よりライブ配信チケットを購入(¥2000+応援 <任意>)の上、ライブ開始約1時間前にメールでお送りする配信URLより視聴下さい。
Get your ticket from the link below.  The streaming URL will be sent to your email address about an hour before the show.

⇒ https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/0153hdt3av321.html

【注意事項 / precautions】


*Live streaming tickets are available till 12:30pm (JST) on the day of the concert.
*The show will be archived and available until Jan. 30th (sun, JST).
*Due to the limitation of the technologies available to us, there is a possibility that the video / audio being delivered may be delayed or disturbed, and in the worst case, it may not be delivered successfully. If you cannot watch the streaming comfortably in real time, please watch the archive later. We apologize any inconveniences in such cases.